Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ones to Watch - Out Actors from OUTFEST 2007

Today, I'm going to spotlight some of the fresh out faces of OUTFEST 2007.

Now darlings, I didn't see EVERYTHING, k? So if I missed someone, which I probably did, please leave a comment and post your own opinions and views.

The following are the actors I'd like to see in more gay films, especially since they are OUT and talented and, as Maya Angelou would say, on the rise.

Jesse Archer

Jesse not only pulled a highly comedic yet sensitive turn on the circuit/flighty homo boy, but also co-penned the script (which garnered a Best Screenplay Award from OUTFEST).

Micah Shraft

What is it with screenwriters becoming actors, and good ones? Here is another screenwriter turned thesp. This is definitely a must see film from the festival that Micah made with costar Michelle Mulroney and documentary filmmaker Matthew Buzzell. It tells the story of a has been '90's pop duo that reunite in the kindergarden circuit. "Big Bird and Barney ain't gonna tell it like it is, ya know!"

Skyler Cooper

Skyler defintes the term "butch mystique". She also played the title role in OTHELLO in Impact Theater's San Francisco production. With stage and screen credits to her name, she is definitely on the rise, and she doesn't get cast, I have this feeling this determined and thoughtful thesp will create her own roles!

Jessica Graham

Playing the hard drinking, harder talking, femme fatale dyke dick in 2 MINUTES later, Jessica tossed out the hysterical one liners with as much ease as chasing the bad guys with a .45 in a cocktail dress and heels. My favorite line: "Hold my purse" (as she jammed the thing into the chest of her sheepish gay partner and proceeded to kick bad guy ass).

Jay Brannan

Jay shows incredible comic timing in this dramedy, virtually stealing every scene with each zinger (which is hard since the entire cast is wonderful). Best line: After his best friend finally has it out with his junky ex boyfriend in a gut-wrenching emotional scene, "Okay, Buffy, calm down." Perfect comic relief in a sensitive drama.
He also starred in SHORTBUS, and can be seen here in this music video as he is also a singer/songwriter.

Cathy DeBuono

Cathy plays the lesbian-for-hire in the comedy OUT AT THE WEDDING, and the girls have been lining up after every screening to request the same services!

And she's rapidly rising on the list of HOT LESBIANS... view the top favorites and vote here:

and the "Have an eggroll, Mr Goldstone" spolight goes to:

Charlie Disalvatore!
Brilliantly realizing her role in SHELTER.

Sing out Louise!

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Doria said...

I thought Charlie was understated but memorable in a role that could have seemed rote in the paws of a less talented performer. Brava!