Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kiss the Bride - Closing Night Gala

All the gays traveled downtown yet again to attend the Closing Night Gala at the classic 1920's movie palace, The Orpheum Theatre.

Producer of KISS THE BRIDE, Bob Schuck.

KISS THE BRIDE screenwriter Ty Lieberman with director CJ Cox. Ty was in the Outfest screenplay lab two years ago where CJ was a mentor. Outfest is touting this film as the first home grown Outfest film. Kudos!

I finally mustered up the strength to walk the red carpet, with the help of OUT AT THE WEDDING's Cathy DeBuono.

Then with the help of actress/producer J Karen Thomas. I am so tired, these women are actually holding me up.

Photos above courtesy of Faye Sadou.

Darlings, I am so completely exhausted from 11 days of this festival (and 3 days of pre parties, please refer to my early blogs) I commented to one of my friends this evening, "The only thing holding me up are the tightly bound molecules in my self tanning lotion."

That's Scott Meckling there to the left, who upon seeing me, immediately - as you can see - went into a number from SWEENEY TODD..."Look! A customah! Wait, what's your rush, what's your hurry? You gave me such a fright I thought you was a ghost wait a minute can't you sit, sit ya down..." Stop me now, I could go on all day.

Doria Biddle passionately proclaims to Dennis Hensley, "I would have liked the film much better if it weren't for the dearth of breasts and prison scenes. My favorite film of the festival is still Lesbian Sexploitation."

Dennis laughs politely then turns to Frank DeCaro and comments, "That lesbian of your's is just so delightfully amusing!"

I believe this is canoodling.

Beautiful architecture and beautiful women. What more could you want?

These women may look innocent, but believe me they are wild, WILD women. When I stepped out of the screening to get a bottle of water, they offered me tequila shots then attempted to drag me to a local strip joint. When I declined they proceeded to throw french fries at my cleavage!

Jeff Mack from Outfest with William Barrantes from Ariztical.

Me and another wonderful actor I've worked with, Mr James Michael Bobby. I asked him about his new buzz cut and if that means he's starring in a revival of BENT. After seeing how hot he looks, I may just revive that myself!

More of the here! family - Mark Reinhart, Quincy LeNear, Jeff Schenk, Rich Carroll and Deondray Gossett.

Cathy DeBuono from OUT AT THE WEDDING enjoys the lights and architecture.

A little dish from Awards night. So the screening after Awards was Jamie Babbit's ITTY BITTY TITY COMMITTEE, the first feature from non profit org Power Up.

The following morning, I was listening to my favorite gay radio program - The Frank DeCaro Show - where Frank and Doria have been doing absolutely wonderful coverage of Outfest, the films and film makers.

They gave ITTY BITTY a bit of a lackluster review, then received the following call from "CARA" in Los Angeles.

Is it just me or does this voice sound familiar?

Okay, kids, please stay tuned in the next couple of days where I'll highlight some of the films and filmmakers from the festival in more detail, including the award winners from both Outfest and the Philly Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, which occurred concurrently.

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