Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Good Lesbian Was Had By All

It was wear pink day at the DGA today.

That's Jeff Mack and his assistant Eve Harrington.

The event of the night was the sold out screening of OUT AT THE WEDDING up at Outfest Under the Stars at the Ford Theatre.

Here's my interview with the stunning and talented Cathy DeBuono before her screening:

Then I interviewed Laura and Gina, the producers of OUT AT THE WEDDING. They also produced GIRL PLAY and ROBERTA LOVED and 70. We also said "hi" to the FABULOUS Mink Stole.

Here's an interview with director Lee Friedlander (EXES AND OHS, WASABI TUNA, GIRL PLAY, THE RULES) and her tits. As an extra special bonus she also bashes SHELTER.... but compliments my hair, which I"ll take!

This was from the Bravo party. That is EXACTLY what I look like in a bathing suit, by the way, I just choose to wear tons of layers so the girls hit on me for my brains.

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