Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm in Fresno. No sign of Anne Heche.

Hello darlings. Well Thursday finds the lesbian diarist in a Quality Inn in Fresno.

No, I am not on the run and hiding because the gay mafia has put a hit on me since I've written so many scandalous secrets and posted photos of gays in compromising positions - nor have I been banished from the WeHo social scene because I wore white after labor day. I'm here because my film, SHELTER was the opening night film at Fresno Reel Pride.

I love this festival and this community and I've actually been coming to Reel Pride for the last 5 years. It's just a short 3 hour drive North from LA through the endless fields of grapevines and the oppressive cattle plants (California cows are NOT happy, by the way).

I just ran into Jesse Archer (from FOUR LETTER WORD) in the lobby and we are currently the only two filmmakers here. But as the weekend approaches, all the other stars and filmmakers will be rolling in and we'll have a grand ole time as per usual.

(he was not dressed like this in the lobby, fyi)

Jesse was carrying a copy of JANE EYRE. He was asking if there was a public library or school where he could donate it since he just finished reading it. "Did you read that whole thing on the plane?" I joked. I told him I'd take it and put it on my nightstand in case I get lucky so it actually looks like I read. Thanks Jesse!

(are you thinking what I'm thinking? He has a body like that and reads Charlotte Bronte. If he was a lesbian, I'd be in his hotel room right now braiding his hair and planning our vegan wedding)

So, as the semi's whiz by on the freeway outside my window, let me take this time to reflect on last night's event. Quickly, though, since they are moving me to another room. The inn keepers overheard me complaining about the size of my room and - clearly not wanting to anger the short dyke - they have offered to move me to a suite. Thanks guys!

Jonah Markowitz - writer/director - at the VIP pre reception with Jon Carrol and Matt Freeman, our studio exec.

This is Jonah and I meeting in a dark alley behind the theatre with a reporter from the local paper. He saw we had a few cocktails so he took the opportunity to get all the dirt about the film for a tell-all article about the gritty, naughty underbelly of lgbt filmmaking. Look for it... I'll be quoted as Deep Throat.

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jessica said...

... I think if I was EVER graced with your presence I'd pee my pants & then change...

Renee said...

This may sound odd, but my mom was talking about you when she got home from work at Quality Inn and then I stumbled across your blog on the Reel Pride myspace page.

It was a weird series of events that left me going "hmmm... Mom is this the JD you were talking about??"

Mark in DE said...

More glamor for JD, even in Fresno!


Geanie said...

I was there all evening and didn't see a single man that looked like Jesse darn it! ha.

JD it was fun fetching drinks and fussing over you. Can you imagin, that was our volunteer gig for the night? ha. Lucky us! It was a very Devil Wears Prada moment for me when Jonah said he wanted 9 ice cubes in his drink. Celena and I were still waiting to see when we would have to strong arm you, but it never happened. You were sooooo well behaved.

See you Sunday!